Montreal Neurological Institute

Founded in 1934, "The Neuro” or the MNI has grown into a world renowned academic medical centre dedicated to neuroscience.  Within the MNI are eight research units closely integrated with clinical activities.  As Montreal was long the financial epicentre of Canada IW Killam had a residence on Sherbrooke Street in that city and his offices were located on James Street.  When Mrs. Killam fell ill she would specifically request nurses trained at the Neuro to see to her care.  For this reason the MNI received a portion of the Killam bequest.  Today the MNI offers Killam Professorships, funds Killam scholars and a Killam Prize and has a Killam Chair.  In tribute to Mrs. Killam’s gift the MNI has hosted the Dorothy J. Killam Lecture since 2004, which recognizes women in academia and science.  

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Killam Awards

  • Killam Scholars

    These awards are made to junior and senior staff to ensure an adequate portion of time is devoted to research activity.  Each fellowship holder is appointed for a five year term.

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    Montreal Neurological Institute
    3801 University Avenue
    Montreal, QC  H3A  2B4

  • Killam Professor and Dorothy J. Killam Professor

    The Killam Professorship and Dorothy J. Killam Professorship are honourary Killam awards (i.e. no funds come from the Killam endowment to support these positions).  These roles are only open to senior scientists. 

  • Killam Chair

    This Chair is partially supported by the Killam endowment.  Only a senior scientist can receive this designation.

  • Killam Prize

    A $250 prize is awarded annually to a graduate student, postdoctoral fellow or resident for the best paper presentation.